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How to protect holiday packages

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This holiday season many people will send gifts to family while some will decide to send a gift right to their doorstep.
Supervisor Tyson Garza says the post office takes precautions to make sure packages make their way home.
"We have an automated system that tracks those packages from the origin all the way to the destination. We have additional staff throughout the holiday season to deliver all of our volume," says Garza.
Sometimes holiday cheers turn into holiday tears because a package is stolen.
Garza gives steps on how you can prevent your packages from being stolen.
"There is a lot of steps the customer can take. They can relay on their neighbors, look out for each other is a big thing. If you have a spot you can sit your packages, behind a bush, behind a chair. Maybe even have a tub or a box that the carriers can sit the packages off inside to kind of help hide from would be thieves. That would like to go by and see a package on the porch," explains Garza.

If your package is stolen, VPD Lt Moya has suggestions for how you can report your stolen packages.
"if it looks like someone may have taken that without permission and stolen it off your door step then you want to contact the police department and make a police report. One of the things that will help in any type of those cases is if you have any type of surveillance, if you have surveillance footage, video or a camera. Some people have the kind that are in your doorbell or at your door, that when people get to your door that they can actually take pictures and do video. Those are good things to have to help the case on presenting a case against theft," says Lt Moya.
Moya wants to leave the community with some advice.
"the delivery of the packages or if they have the potential of being stolen, it's not just the holiday season, yes it happens more because people are shopping online and getting things delivered to their homes," says Lt Moya
Moya also says you can require a signature for your packages or have it go straight to the delivery place to be picked up.

Garza says that you can purchase insurance for your packages to ensure safety.

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