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Port Lavaca Marina Rid of Sunken Boats

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Its been three months since Hurricane Harvey left destruction all around the Crossroads. 
The hurricane left almost 20 boats sunk in the water at the Nautical Landing Marina in Port Lavaca. One man had to say goodbye to a boat he called his own for almost a decade.
"When I saw it under water and you know damaged. I just knew... What are you going to do, its a loss you know"
It was a total loss for Jerry Burkland after his boat was destroyed.
"After the storm then i came back down here again, and it was just one big hell of a mess. My boat had sunk, 18 other boats had sunk, and 5 boats were pushed up by the land on the storm surge, " said Burkland.
Nearly 700 vessels were sunken or displaced along the coast, and the Texas General LAND Office partnered with the Coast Guard to remove vessels and pollution.
"So, that maritime commerce and navigable channels could be completely restored," said Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush.
Almost three months after Harvey, The GLO recently brought manpower, cranes, and divers to clean up the Nautical Landing Marina.
"This past two weeks Coast Guard and diving crews pulled out 19 sunken boats," said Burkland.
With one of those boats being Burkland's.
" I had 8 years of the boat,  so I got good use of it. Things like that just happen. So, I lost about 8000 dollars on it, but it could have been worse. Nobody got hurt," said Burkland.
What were once boats on the bay, are now a distant memory.
"It was a great boat but Harvey did the do on it, and its now in a big pile of fiberglass."
As for the boats sitting on land, Port Lavaca City Manager says the removal will be up to the owners.
"The boats on the land need to be removed. The GLO was at our marina removing boats that weren't insured, and then we still have a handful of boats in the water that are insured and they will be handled by the insurance company," said Port Lavaca City Manager William Dilibero.
Even though Burkland is down one boat, he didn't let chance stop him from adding to his collection.
"The way things turned about ended up with buying this boat directly behind me, which is almost twice the size and i got a really good deal on it.
Now three months later,  Burkland finds himself happy again after Harvey took his once prized possession.
"Its bigger and better, and  its actually a better boat than what i had before. Really can't complain, I'm really happy with this boat," said Burkland.

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