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Christmas Trees Available at Holiday Hills

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Holiday Hills Christmas Trees is now open on North Navarro and as you are purchasing that right tree be sure to give it plenty of water this season.
"I filled them up last night and a big bowl was completely empty. Some of them didn't drink quite as much. It is all variable," said Mark Hall. 

As the Christmas trees comes to South Texas from Oregon, it is still important to keep them moist and away from heat vents. 
"A tree too hot doesn't matter how much water you put in it you just can't keep up. It is just like when you go out in the sun you are going to get sunburned. You are going to get dehydrated," said Hall. 

You should consider this when purchasing a tree. "It is big enough to put all your ornaments and lights on your tree. You have to see if the star fits, said Scott. Christmas trees may be hard to buy this season so it is best to buy them sooner than later. "Back in 2007 2008, we were having a recession. Due to the recession, many people wasn't buying Christmas trees. As a result, the farmers didn't grow as many Christmas trees," said Hall.  

Once the holiday season is over you can dispose your tree by recycling it. "A used Christmas tree can actually do a lot. It can become habitat in the forest. Some of them will go into lakes in certain areas. It will be a breeding ground for fish. 

Holiday Hills will remain open until they sell out of trees. They are open Saturdays 9AM- 9PM and Sunday-Friday 11AM-9PM. 

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