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Salvation Army Thanksgiving Dinner

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Local organizations came together this holiday season to feed the community.
The salvation army held its annual thanksgiving dinner today from 11am to 2pm at Our Saviors Lutheran Church. 
Major Martin of the Salvation Army tells me why they put on this event every year.
"We are serving people, not just homeless people but anyone who is looking to have someone to visit with and fellowship with or someone to just spend the day with."
Thanksgiving is usually spent with family but many volunteers came to serve the community instead. Albert Gonzales tells me it was in his heart to serve the community today for Thanksgiving.
"I know this year has been kind of rough for me but you know what I said I give back. You know at one time people gave me so I'm giving back to them."
Many people in attendance were grateful for this gesture. Joe Ramirez was in attendance and shares his thoughts about the thanksgiving dinner.
"The Salvation Army is always on Time. They show up and out, they are always giving to people, just everybody. All the people here, I know a lot of people here and they are blessed. Just coming together with them and being around the Salvation Army it's a great atmosphere being around the people here.
Ramirez also says to support the Salvation Army because they help a lot of people, and its a great thing.
Major Martin told me she was going to be delivering plates to a homeless camp by the salvation army office.
On the everyone's way out they gave each person a goody bag. The bag had different hygiene products.
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