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Salvation Army's Red Kettle Program Starts Friday

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The Salvation Army is preparing for another red kettle season and last they came up shy of 100 thousand and this year they want to aim for $120 thousand.
"Raise about 120 thousand dollars and we would like to use that money to help pay for the rent, the utilities to pay for transportation, to pay for prescriptions, food and lodging for our clients," said Martin. 
The program will be going on from Friday until Saturday before Christmas Eve. If you want to help out a great cause volunteers are still needed.
The Angel Tree Program is also big for the Salvation Army. The program is to assist families so every kid can have something under the tree this year. " If they have to choose between buying a gift or paying bills, we want them to pay their bills. We want to help get their child a gift. We want everyone to have a nice and happy Christmas," said Martin. 

Programs like these two makes Major Laura Martin excited to help the community. " I think God compels us to serve the needs of others that are less fortunate and because of the hurricane we have a lot more people that are in dire situations," said Martin. 
If you are interested in becoming a bell ringer be sure to contact the Salvation Army at 361-576-1297. The Salvation Army will continue to take Angel Tree Applications until next Wednesday. 
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