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Texas Road House Raises funds for Adoption Center

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It's the night before Thanksgiving and who wants to cook? Texas Road House has the solution. Wednesday night after 3 p.m. 20% of your food bill will go to the Dorothy O'Connor Pet Adoption Center.

The Adoption Center is raising money to help take care of animals with special needs and animals that are in need of surgery.

Marisol Gonzales with the Adoption Center said it's the perfect time to rest before the big day. 

"You don't have to do anything except go eat and it's the night before Thanksgiving," she said. "So you don't have to cook, you can save it all for the next day. You can go out, have dinner and support us."

In order for part of your food bill to go to the Adoption Center you will need to take a flier with you. Click here for the flier. 

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