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God's Church of Restoration still recovering from Harvey damages

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Even months after Hurricane Harvey, God's Church of Restoration is still struggling to recover from the damage.

The church's fellowship hall took extensive damage during Hurricane Harvey. Pastor Larry Green says the building was uninsured at the time, leaving the church without the funds to rebuild. Because of the damage, the church has been unable to hold their fundraising cookouts to raise money for repairs, which Pastor Green says could cost the church tens of thousands of dollars to complete. Pastor Green says, even with the tough road ahead, the community has already helped out and he thanks them for it.

"I just want to thank everybody that have supported our church in this community. They know what we're trying to do here. We're trying to make a change. Just, sometimes, even those that help need a helping hand. And, so, we just thank you for anything that you're willing to do."

Pastor Green says the main building sustained minor damages during Hurricane Harvey. The roof to the main building took minor water damage. However, Pastor Green says it's still hurts because the building was just remodeled before the Hurricane, leaving the church with little funding. The church has received help and support from both Grace Lutheran and Trinity Lutheran during this time and Pastor Green wanted to make sure to thank them personally for their kindness. 

If you would like to donate or volunteer your time to God's Church of Restoration, you can call Pastor Larry Green at 361-228-0021.

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