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Harvey rebuilding continues

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The Victoria community took a lot of damage at the hands of Hurricane Harvey. Months later the rebuilding process continues.
"When you think Harvey damages are starting to clean itself up. You go out to Riverside stadium and throughout riverside Park and you see the magnitude of the damage."
Riverside Stadium, home to the generals, is one of several areas still closed after Harvey ransacked the beloved park.
"Damage was pretty significant. Water got up in the concession probably about 2ft. It got in the dugouts, locker rooms. Of course it messed the astro turf up so it."
Yokum adds that all the damage is really tough to look at.
The plans for recovery may be extensive but Yokum tells me with the help of volunteers it will get done.
"A bunch of volunteers and generals fans are going to go out and do some painting, because there is a lot painting that needs to be done. They are going to be doing a lot of cleaning.
Yokum says besides the painting they will be helping with power washing to get the mud out. 
Although the stadium is damaged Yokum is optimistic about it being ready for the season.
"Absolutely the City is already working on it and they have plans in place.
Yokum tells me if you would like to volunteer go on the Generals facebook page and comment so they know how many people to expect.
Yokum also says they will update the page in about two weeks on what day the cleanup will be held.
He also says the Generals appreciate all the help they can get with the clean up efforts. 
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