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Port Lavaca four vehicle accident leaves three in hospital

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An accident this morning near FM 1593 and left four vehicles wrecked and three people in the hospital. 

The accident occurred early in the morning, as both a Kia Soul and Dodge SRX were travelling south on FM 1539 while a Ford 250 and Nissan Centra were travelling FM 1539 north. Texas DPS say the Dodge SRX was stopped at the intersection when the Kia Soul collided with the bumper of the Dodge SRX, forcing it into the oncoming lane. This caused the Dodge to side swipe the Ford 250 and Nissan Centra before the Dodge came to a rest on the left side of FM 1583. 

Officials say the driver of the Kia Soul was taken to Citizens Medical with non-life threatening injuries while the driver and passenger in the Dodge SRX were taken to Port Lavaca Hospital, also with non-life threatening injuries. 

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