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Torin Bales Closing its Doors

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'There are a lot of other things l want to do, l love real estate and l want to spend more time with my family."
Torin bales started his jewelry company 24 years ago in victoria. He is closing to keep his promise to his wife.
"it's kind of a funny story, when we moved to Victoria 24 years ago. l told my wife if she lets me do this store, l promise to only do it until I'm 55. l turned 55 this year and I'm just trying to keep my promise."
Emotions ran high days after torin bales announced his retirement. Jodie Rounge has been a customer for 5 years and is sad the store is closing.
"disappointed and sadden, they have been a great friend for a long time and someone you can trust in the industry for jewelry and purchasing and know that he is always going to be there for you. Definitely we are going to miss him.
Employees of the store are coping with it's closing, and are excited for where bales next journey takes him.

"overall we are happy for Torin getting to spend some more time with his family and focus on his other projects.
Bales is having a going out of business sale.
"Everything in the store with exception of Rolexes is on sale. We have sales up to 70% off."
And he has a special message for his customers
"we will never leave this community and we will always be here to give and serve this community."
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