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Texas Zoo's new Executive Director

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Hurricane Harvey caused extensive damage at the Texas Zoo. Days before their grand reopening, the Texas Zoo got a new executive director.

"I think the zoo has so much potential."

Liz Jensen comes from Corpus Christi to become the new executive director of the Texas zoo. She has a big animal background.
"I started at a very young age working mostly with marine mammals and other exotics as well. I worked the US navy marine mammal program, I was a curator for a facility in Cancun Mexico, and I worked at a handful of aquariums."

As the new director Jensen tells me she wants to eventually have a more interactive experience for the guest.

"We are getting ready to launch a improved petting zoo area so that young kids and their families or even adults can come an interact with some of our animals.

This isn't the only change she wants to make, as acting director, she has big dreams for the zoo.

"We are also hoping to bolster or enhance a lot of our animal programs here whether there presentations with the animals or even some interactive programs.

Jensen says The Zoo is Pretty close to being fully operational but come out to their grand reopening on Saturday at 9am.

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