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Free Goliad Transit Vouchers Assist Elderly and Disabled Residents

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Goliad County only has one mode of public transportation, and a new program allowing elderly and disabled residents to ride the transit at no cost.

With the help of extra funding from the Golden Crescent Regional Planning Commission,  Goliad Transit is receiving a new program called “Choose My Ride”.

"It helps people go to doctors visits, people who go get Dialysis treatment. Its a big savings money wise," said Goliad County Transit Executive Director Mary Wade.

This program allows any Goliad County Resident over the age of 65, or if you’re disabled to receive a free voucher to ride the transit.  "Choose My Ride" helps residents in the county that may not have the means or ability to drive themselves to a doctor's appointment or the grocery store.

It's feeling of relief for Goliad County Resident Anita Martinez to be able to rely on the Goliad Rural Transit.

"I've got it taken care of, and I don't have to worry day-to-day how I am going to go to dialysis. The one thing about dialysis is that you have to be there. You know its life and death," said Goliad County resident Anita Martinez.

 Goliad County Transit Executive Director Mary Wade says this new program is a great addition for the community. 

"We were really excited, it does offer a free ride for people of Goliad. We do have a lot of disabled and elderly people in this area. So, now its just getting the word because the program is only for two months, " said Wade.

With funds being low, this program will only be offered for a limited time until the end of December.  Head over to the Goliad’s Veterans Center to sign up for a free voucher.

"Right now we don't have the funding, but hopefully next year, it will pick back up again," said Wade.

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