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Rebuilding The Coastline Since Hurricane Harvey

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"Today we celebrated with the Coast Guard with the removal of 600 vessels in the vicinity so our navigable channels can be completely restored," said George P. Bush. 

The Coast Guard removed sunken vessels from Port Arthur all the way down to Corpus Christi. "In the Corpus area, the ships were sunk because of wind damage. As you move up the coastline towards Houston and Port Arthur, there were sunken vessels but they were displaced because of flooding," said Tedd Hutley. 

Most of the Coast Guard concentrated efforts were in the Rockport and Port Aransas area. Along with saving vessels, Coast Guard and Texas General Land Office worked hard to prevent approximately 57,000 gallons of oil from reaching our waterways.
"We removed all the pollution and hazardous materials off the vessel and the state was able to return the vessels," said Hutley.

There are about five more vessels in the Corpus region that will be removed from the water before the Coast Guard is completed. 

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