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Senator Kolkhorst Visits Victoria for Harvey Recovery Meeting

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Senator Kolhorst and her Senate committee was in Victoria today to meet with state and local officials and the public on concerns and ways to improve communication since Harvey. "We are discouraged by the slowness of the process with FEMA and the state agencies to a lesser extent. You know we have some of our  vulnerable citizens needing assistance quicker than what they have received," said Polasek.

Polasek and other local mayors and county judges present during the meeting discussed their frustration with miscommunication with fame. Being able to provide one clear message is key.
"Perhaps a web portal where everyone can receive the same information at the same time," said Polasek. 
Housing was a hot topic during the forum. The Texas General Land Office will now assist in short and long term housing options. An example of one of those programs is called the Direct Assistance for Limited Home Repair. "We actually go to a person home and we do approximately 55,000 in repairs," said Phillips. 

Cynthia Staley was on hand for the meeting and Habitat for Humanity is helping eligible residents with repairs  to their home as well. 
" We tarp them then we do the repair work. If they have loss a porch we fix their porch. If they need a rail, we get that fix too," said Staley.

Citizens applying for help must earn less than 80%of the HUD median income.

You can contact Habitat for Humanity at 361-573-2511 or http://www.goldencrescenthabitat.org/

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