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Victoria College President Talks About the Future at Chamber Luncheon

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Victoria College is working with the Texas higher education board to ensure that 60% of Texans between 24-35 years old have a higher education degree. Victoria is a long way from meeting that goal.
"About 10,000 credited students by year 2030 is where we would need to be. We would need to see that added enrollment growth continued and also adult based grow as well," said Dr  David Hinds.

The one way to increase future enrollment is to reach out to our youth. " We have to increase our efforts with the K-12 partners with all of the independent school districts and private schools we serve. Getting the message to those kids and their parents about the affordability of higher education and the importance of higher education," said Dr Hinds. 

Another way to increase enrollment is by improving facilities. Victoria college has a master plan to build a comprehensive student center.
"The comprehensive student center will contain library services, tutoring, testing, payment center, advising center, food services, study space. All these things are in ten different places and bring that into a central location," said Dr Hinds. 

Victoria College master plan also includes upgrades in fine arts, cultural venues, and industrial training. The goal is to have all of these projects completed by 2025.

2025 is Victoria College 100th anniversary. 

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