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New details emerge as 10 charged in LSU fraternity hazing death

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"On 09/14/2017, LSU Police was contacted by the East Baton Rouge Parish Corner's Office that a male LSU student, later identified as Maxwell Gruver, was transported by two other male subjects to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital. Gruver was pronounced dead at the hospital due to what appeared to be an overdose of alcoholic beverages...

Through interviews detectives learned that on 09/13/2017, around 2200 hours, pledges of the fraternity Phi Delta Theta were called to Phi Delta Theta house for "Bible Study". Investigators learned that "Bible Study" is where the pledges are asked questions about the fraternity and if they are incorrect they are made to drink alcohol.

At some point after midnight, the witness advised that Gruver was highly intoxicated. The witness and several other members laid Gruver on the couch and then left for the night. The witnessed advised that the next day, 09/14/2017, around 0900 hours he returned to the Phi Delta House to check on Gruver. Several of the members checked Gruver's pulse and found that is was weak and they could not tell if he was breathing. The witness advised at that time they decided to transport Gruver to the hospital, where he was pronounced deceased."

Highlights from Matthew Alexander Naquin Negligence Charges:

"Pledges were told to make a single file line and go upstairs. As they went upstairs, Gott threw mustard and hot sauce on the pledges."

"(Active Member 3) stated that he could hear Naquin yelling "pledge drink" and telling pledges to take a pull... Stated that he believes Gruver kept messing up the alphabet and Naquin was "forcing" him to drink each time he messed up."

"(Pledge 1) stated that pledges were told to take 3-5 seconds "pulls" of Diesel. They were also told to do "wall sits" and "planks"... Stated he could hear Gruver messing up the Greek Alphabet and Naquin telling him to drink."

LSU Arrest Warrants includes: Matthew Alexander Naquin, Zachary Antonio Castillo, Hudson Brandt Kirkpatrick, Elliot Donald Easton, Ryan Matthew Isto, Nicholas Michael Taulli, Zachary Tower Hall, Sean Andrew Pennison

LSU Arrest Warrants Includes: Patrick Andrew Forde, Sean-Paul Gott

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