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Citizens employees receive help after Harvey

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More than one month after Hurricane Harvey, many residents are still struggling to rebuild, including some employees of Citizens Medical Center. Multiple employees suffered extensive damage to their homes, from their roofs being torn off, to leaking water causing dangerous mold. While they attempt to replace the belongings they've lost, one Citizens board member is helping ease that burden. 

Buddy Kamin, the owner of Kamin Furniture, donated nine beds to the families who lost their beds in the storm. Buddy and Bentley Kamin presented the beds to the employees on Tuesday at Citizens, to help bring them one step closer to replacing everything they lost. 

"It's so heartwarming to know that people care," said Dirze Avitia, a Citizens ER Tech who has had to restore her home from the ground up. "It's hard to lose everything that you've worked hard for."

Avitia was one of the employees that benefited from the donation, receiving three full-size beds for her children to sleep in. 

"You add everything up," said Avitia. "How much is the roof going to cost to fix? How much is the wall? How much is all this going to cost to fix? So when they take just that little expense off your shoulders, it's such a huge relief."

In addition to the nine beds donated on Tuesday, Kamin Furniture has offered to help any other Citizens employees that still need help as well.

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