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Bay City Juvenile detained in connection to car burglaries

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Over the weekend there were several burglaries reported on the north end of Bay City. A combined effort between an alert citizen and officers led to a possible suspect. In turn that led to a 14 year old boy being detained on three counts of Burglary of a Vehicle and three counts of Engaging in Criminal Activity. A citizen called the Bay City police department about subjects looking in car windows and trying doors in the 900 block of Avenue F.

Officers were able to identify one of the subjects and began the investigation. Detectives continued the investigation until the suspects were identified. As of this time one juvenile has been detained. Detectives expect to detain the others involved soon. During the investigation, it was determined all the cars involved were left unlocked by the owner.

Detective Juan Delgado asks that citizens lock their vehicles and secure their property in order to prevent these burglaries. On more than one occasion citizens have stated they leave their vehicle unlocked so burglars will not break the windows when in fact, burglars know that breaking a window will make noise. Noise will call attention to themselves. Therefore, most burglars skip over locked vehicles and move on to the ones left unlocked. Citizens determined to leave their vehicle unlocked should remove all valuables from the vehicle when left unattended.

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