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Heavy Rain Floods Streets in Victoria

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Heavy rains in Victoria on Sunday caused water to rise on many streets and led to several water rescues.

Around 2:13 p.m. on Sunday, Victoria police officers responded to multiple cars that were stuck in the water at the 3000 block of North Ben Wilson near UHV.

One of the vehicles was a grey Toyota Camry. A female that was around 50 years old was in the Camry and had to be escorted out of the water by officers.

Nearby, two elderly women in a red Cadillac car had to be helped as well. One woman in the car was around 60 years old and the other was 87 years old. Due to the 87-year-old's immobility, officers decided that the best route to escort her from the water safely was to call the Victoria Fire Department. Responders launched a small life boat, which they were able to put her in and remove her safely from the water.

None of the people inside the vehicles suffered any injuries. Both vehicles had to be towed out of the water due to extensive water damage. Water there was estimated to have reached about three feet high. 

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