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Riverside Park Still Recovering Weeks after Harvey

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It's been three weeks since Hurricane Harvey made landfall, and the storm left most of Riverside Park with substantial damages. On  Monday morning, we were able to take tour of Riverside park, where trees and debris lined the roadways and golf course.

Victoria Communications Director O.C. Garza tells me in recent years, the park hasn't seen this type of destruction.Buildings have been severely damaged, there are trees in most of the area, and debris is piled up all over the park. Garza says a major problem needing to be fixed is the road erosion near the duck pond.

"The road has been eroded out just literally the river is trying to undercut the road, right there near the duck pond. So, we have some real issues that we need to address with Riverside Park before it can be open to the public," said Garza.

One building that needs to be demolished is the Lions Club Pavilion, which was destroyed by a tree during the storm.
Riverside Stadium and Gerry's Kayak stand looked in good shape when we toured day. But the Texas Zoo still has a lot of rebuilding to do. Katie Boughal says the zoo had some casualties including, a fox, tortoises, a sheep, and some birds. She says a majority of the collection was safe, and they hope to open at the beginning of next month. The golf was supposed to open in the middle of September before the hurricane, and the re-opening has been setback.

The city is working on a plan to get these problems fixed, and they hope to start opening up portions of the park as quickly as possible. 

Garza says there are no dates on when the park will re-open, and as of right now only part that is open is the Children's Park area.

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