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Texas Zoo making progress; still closed after Hurricane Harvey

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The Texas Zoo continues its rebuilding process nearly two and a half weeks after Hurricane Harvey left the zoo with extensive damage. The zoo, which has remained closed since Harvey, has made progress in repairs but still has work left to do. With the animals already evacuated to Dallas and San Antonio and debris cleared, officials have now turned their attention to repairing the water damage caused by Harvey to all zoo buildings. While work continues, Board President Jimmy Zaplac admits funding has been the biggest obstacle to the rebuilding process. 

"Without revenue, it's kind of hard to function. So, that's our number one goal is to get reopened so that we can get our zoo back up and running and be able to keep employees and keep things rolling." Zaplac said. 

Officials say there is no timeline yet for when the zoo will open, but they hope to open before the end of the month. Anyone who would like to donate can go to the gofundme.com/thetexaszoo.

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