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City of Victoria continues tree debris pick up

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City of Victoria Statement: 

Efforts are going well to collect tree debris throughout the City of Victoria. Hurricane Harvey caused approximately 203,000 cubic yards of downed trees and limbs. This total doesn't include the large amount of tree debris in Riverside Park. AshBritt crews are picking up an average of 9,000 cubic yards of debris each day. The first pass to collect tree debris will take 4-6 weeks to complete. Currently, approximately 30% of the first pass has ...been completed. There are eight trucks working each day to pick up tree debris, and one truck is stationed at the Aloe Field drop-off location, where residents can take tree debris and drop them off for free. Residents are reminded to separate tree debris at the curb from other items, such as trash carts, recycling carts, extra household trash and construction debris. Please refrain from stacking tree debris underneath low-hanging power lines or tree limbs.

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