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Teachers Getting Ready For Upcoming School Year

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In two weeks, students at Northside will walk these hallways for the first day of school and one teacher is excited to get the school year started off right.
"Well I love what I am doing always have loved teaching children that is my passion," said Denney.

Bobbye Denney retired from VISD two years ago but is ready for her new challenge of teaching 4-5th grade at Northside.
"The difference is smaller classrooms you have less students so you have one on one instruction," said Denney.

Denney spent her summer studying the school's curriculum and her students will hit the ground running first day.
"The first nine weeks of school is already planned out so I am ready for my students when they appear the first day of school," said Denney.

 Just like students teachers get jittery for the first day of school too.
"That night before you don't sleep you are excited about the kids coming in the next morning so that has been an age old thing with me," said Denney.

Denney believes greeting their students on the first day goes a long way.
"It is so important to make your kids feel that they want to be hear and that they want to learn and the teacher loves and cares about them," said Denney.

The students first day of school is August 21st.

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