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Resident's Opinions Differ Over Kohutek Bridge

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A bridge in Victoria County has the community torn over renovations that were made over a year ago.

Back in 2015, The Kohutek Road bridge received extensive damage due to some heavy rainfall, and TxDOT and Victoria County worked together to make a new bridge.

That new bridge allowed for two lanes, but some are saying those improvements created another problem. It left the bridge without guard rails.

"It's just a concern, I worry about it when I go to church," said Nursery resident Helen Gibbs.

Gibbs said she is scared to drive over the bridge on Kohutek Road, because it has no guard rails and fears there could be a car accident on the bridge.

"I've noticed, and I do the same thing, people pull off to the side of the road because they won't cross with two cars at a time. People go in the center of the road because there are no guard rails.

Gibbs says with speed limits changing three times on the same road, she worries the changing speeds can cause a wreck.

"If they had a wreck or something on it, somebody could go in with the iron bars if they broke through. They wouldn't be able to get out because there isn't a way to open the doors. Or if a bicyclist happened to be going along there and they clipped them, they would hit their head on the steel bar on the concrete underneath. That could be fatal."

Nursery Resident Ruthie Talkington said she has lived right next to the bridge for over 40 years, and last year was the first time the bridge had a big renovation. Talkington said she is grateful the new bridge, and is not concerned with the lack of guard rails.

"The bridge is illuminated at night, and you can see it. It's as wide as the road, so it's fine for us. We're so proud of that new bridge," said Talkington.

Another concern for Gibbs is the amount of standing water surrounding the bridge. Gibbs is says the standing water could be a mosquito hazard.

"The standing water is here 24/7, and the water goes down a little bit. Right now the water is as low it gets before it fills back up again with the next rainfall.," said Gibbs.

Gibbs said she plans to reach out to Governor Abbott to advocate for more regulations on bridge guard rails.

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