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Local mother protests after baby receives wrong vaccination

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Protesters fill the sidewalks in Downtown Victoria following an intense medical dispute involving a  baby girl.

"I was mortified. I was crying hysterically,"local mother, Anita Vasquez said. 

A mix of emotions coming from her mother, Anita Vasquez, who says her daughter Aniya Blu was mistakenly given a dose of an HPV vaccine by a local doctor in December 2016.
Medical documents show the report of the incident.

"I was terrified of the doctor and I was also concerned not only for my daughters health. I was concerned for the other patients that go to her clinic,"Vasquez said. 

I went track down Dr. Guel at the American Regional Health Center to get a response to the accusation of mistakenly injecting baby Aniya. 
I asked managers if Dr. Guel was still working. They responded, "she's in the building." According to a document provided by Vasquez, there is an investigation into this incident.
The doctor says she has no comment at this time. 

But according to the Texas Medical Examiners website, there is no investigation, no disciplinary action and her license remains active.

"I have been accused of harming my daughter which is very alarming. The doctors are claiming that my daughter has suffered not a single adverse reaction the Gardasil vaccine at four months old," Vasquez said. 

Anita says complications led the doctors to suspect medical child abuse instead of fully investigating potential side affects.

"I think it should be heavily investigated," protester, Luis Ortiz said. 

Anita says she just wants justice for her child.

"At this point all I can do is give it to god and let him take it," Vasquez said. 

Currently baby Aniya is in CPS custody due to other allegations following the medical dispute.
As for Dr. Guel, she is still practicing in Victoria.

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