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The Red Cross Wants You

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The Red Cross is always in need of volunteers to help out in the community. According to the American Red Cross webpage, volunteers make up 90% of the total workforce at the red cross

During a natural disaster, the need for volunteers to help out within the community increase. We talked with the Red Cross Disaster Manager Debbie Ellsworth on why it's important for the red cross to have volunteers in the community before a hurricane hits.

"We just need the volunteers to help us support the community because if we are hit by a hurricane it does take a lot of volunteers to make it be successful to provide services," said Ellsworth.

If you are interested in volunteering you can sign up online at www.redcross.org or you can make an appointment with Mrs Ellsworth at the Victoria Red Cross chapter and she can walk you through the process. The Victoria Red Cross is located 1501 East Red River..

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