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Elder Evacuations: Stay or Leave?

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Once voluntary evacuations are announced Vitality Court will  decide to leave or stay. "We communicate with corporate office and then identify whether we shelter in place or leave for one of our mutual aid agreements," said Thomas.

Damon Thomas tells us Vitality Court residents and staff would evacuate to San Antonio. Families of Vitality residents will receive a call to work out plans for their loved ones. " We want to talk with the responsible parties to see what is their plan," said Thomas.

Residents can choose to evacuate with their families or stay with Vitality. Once those tough choices have been made Vitality will then prepare residents by making sure they have plenty of food, water, and medication. As well as staff to handle the situation. 

After the storm, Vitality will have  a crew to inspect the facility before residents and staff return. 
" I need to send in my physical representatives from our corporation to identify that we don't have any hazards in the community after the storm," said Thomas.

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