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The New Tropical Cyclone Advisory

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The Potential Tropical Cyclone Advisory is a new tool that will help in the early prediction of hurricanes.    

"If we think that formation potential is high, we can go ahead and issue a warning based off the potential for this system to develop," said Rhome.

Tropical Cyclone Advisory will forecast potential hazards with a system and of course indicate how strong a system could become. The hurricane center will not hesitate to issue this new advisory if it means lives can be saved, even before an organized system gets going.

"If we need to issue watches and warnings for a risk for something that hasn't yet formed we can," said Rhome.

With the Potential Tropical Cyclone Advisory in place for 2017, it will certainly increase the fore warning to get people out of harms way.

No matter how many storms Rhome and his team track, one thing he says stays the same. 

"I've worked at the hurricane center for over 15 years now, so I've seen a lot of landfalls...and in every case, the residents that prepare in advance almost always do so much better that ones that dont." said Rhome.

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