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How to Avoid Recycle Contamination

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Recycle contamination is is anything that doesn't belong in the green recycle cart.
Anything that belongs in the gray cart that ends up in your green cart is also considered contamination. When trash gets to the waste facility's, it's then read and distributed by an automatic machine. Recycle contamination can interfere with how the machine recycles and separates recycled material. Plastics one and two are allowed in the green cart and are mostly water bottles, coke bottles and milk jugs.  
Plastics 3, 4, 5, 6,7 are considered contamination and those should go in your gray cart. They are mostly unmarked plastics, Styrofoam, and laundry detergent. Environmental services coordinator says to loosely throw trash in your green cart.

"If this jug had a lid on it and you can see your recyclable aluminum canes, and this is a plastic number 1 jug. However if i put a lid on this and put all of  this in my recycle cart the machine has no way to get to the cans. So its going reject this whole thing put it in the garage," Environmental Services Coordinator, Kate Garcia said. 

You should also throw away paper loosely instead of putting your paper in plastic bags. 

For more information on recycling, visit Victoria Environmental Service website CLICK HERE

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