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Port Lavaca Moves Forward With Capital Improvement Projects

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For Port Lavaca resident Lorena Perez-Diaz, Bayfront Peninsula Park is one of the city's most important tourist attractions, but she says now is the time for an upgrade.

"I think this is definitely needed," says Perez-Diaz. "We don't want to stay where we've always been I feel like change is always positive."

For this reason, Port Lavaca city council recently allocated 500,000 dollars to improve Bayfront Peninsula Park.

"It's very close to the downtown area, and what we're trying to do is kind of get those amenities upgraded in the park area. Hopefully that will spill over into the downtown area as far as development there," says Port Lavaca City Manager Robert Bradshaw.

The long term goal, Bradshaw says, is to build a boardwalk connecting Bayfront Peninsula park to Lighthouse Park.

The city is currently in the process of purchasing 8 waterfront lots to make this possible.
Diaz says these improvements are just what the city needs to help build the local economy.

"People are hearing about it. Our little town's name is really getting out there so I think this is excellent." 

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