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Victoria County Public Health Department Makes Moves Toward State Accreditation

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Nutrition, physical activity, empowerment, and health related quality of life and well -being, are the components that make up the strategic plan the Victoria County Health Department is putting into place to create a healthier community.

"The goal that we need to work toward is going to be a long term process," says WIC Program Manager Kimberly Pagel. "The strategic plan that we're working on now is a fluid document. It's going to be changing over time. We're constantly assessing and reassessing what's working and not working."

The health department is taking steps toward state accreditation, and having a strategic plan in place makes the department one step closer to attaining their goal.

"We want to be able to use that standardized process to communicate to the public that we're in line with what the national standards are," says Public Health Director Derrick Neal.

Creating a more breastfeeding friendly environment and encouraging an active life style is only the beginning of the many plans the health department has for the community.

" I think for the longest people just think of us as the place that gives shots. We do a lot more than that here. We just need to educate the community and help them to become more healthy," says Delilah Perez.

Overall, Perez says the main purpose of this plan is to see to it that the entire community is healthy.

"Naturally you want to be accredited and you want to have that behind you, but I think the ultimate goal is to keep the community healthy."

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