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Click It or Ticket starts May 22nd

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May marks the kickoff of TX Dot's Click or Ticket campaign. This year is the campaigns 13th anniversary and its saved more than 5,000 lives since it started. 
Before the campaign began 76 % of Texans wore seat belts and now 92 % of Texans wear safety belts due to the success of click it or ticket. Seat belts include child safety seats. Parents should make sure their child has the correct car seat. Any child under eight years old or 4 foot 9 inches tall is required to be in a safety seat. 

"There has been a wreck where somebody has not buckled up and they've flown out of the vehicle there's no reason for that they could've buckled up and maybe not have been injured and maybe not have died," TXDot Public Information Officer, Cari Hensley said.  
the enforcement effort that were going to uptake with all the law enforcement agencies in the region is to ramp up our enforcement action on safety belts to keep this policy and this campaign going saving lives," Trooper Reuben San Miguel said. 

Click It or ticket starts May 22nd and ends June 4th. All local law enforcement agencies will increase enforcement during the campaign. The Golden Crescent Traffic Safety Coalition encourages everyone to wear your seat belt.  

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