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UHV Ring Blessing

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Victoria-  For the first time in school history, 59 class rings were placed inside a box in order to be blessed by a very important member of the UHV family, Jax the Jaguar.

The folks with both the Texas Zoo and the University of Houston Victoria, carefully placed 59 rings inside a box and placed the box inside UHV mascot Jax the Jaguar's glass cage this morning, and will remain there for 24 hours, in order for Jax to 'bless" the rings for good luck and prosperity, for all those that will eventually wear these rings. The box was designed by UHV students. Kira Mudd, director of alumni relations at UHV, said that this ceremony and others like it hopefully will become a tradition at the school, for a good reason.

" We are real excited about this tradition, and future traditions that students are going to be getting at UHV, because it helps build the history of UHV and all the momentum going forward with the university. The students are very excited because they are a critical part in building these traditions and putting them in place," said Mudd.

The box with the rings inside will be opened tomorrow night during UHV's Inaugural Jaguar Ring ceremony, where the rings will be distributed to both students and alumni. the Jaguar Inaugural Ring Ceremony will take place inside the UHV north building, beginning at seven.

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