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Rushing Wind Without Shower After Vandalism, Accepting Donations

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"It's very important that the homeless people have a shower because nobody has or cares about the homeless people taking baths," Rushing Wind Volunteer, Rhonda Williams said.

Rushing Wind Volunteer Rhonda Williams was homeless but now she's a homeowner and understands what it feels like not to have a hot bath every night. 

"I was homeless and whenever they had the shelter they fed us, the shower was open and they let us sleep here. The showers are very important to the homeless people because no one helps with the showers, only Rushing Wind," Williams said.

The Victoria homeless community is now without a shower after someone vandalized the shelter's shower trailer Monday night. 

"Somebody came to the shower trailer that we keep behind the mission here and cut the power cord about 20 foot off of it and so now that disabled the shower trailer," Rushing Wind, Pastor Mike Swearingen said. 

Rushing Wind volunteers strive to give back to the homeless and make sure they're taken care of every day.

"They come, they ask and it would be bad to tell them it's not working because it feels like it tears them {apart}," Rushing Wind Volunteer, McKena Sesil said. 

The homeless depend on  Rushing Wind for a daily shower so Brother Mike hopes to have the shower up and running again in the next week. 

"It's heartbreaking because we put a lot of effort and hard work into making provisions for the people and then something like this happens," 

Pastor Swearingen said. 

Rushing Wind Fellowship is accepting donations toward fixing the trailer shower. If you would like to donate, you can drop your donation off in person or by mail it to 1401 North Wheeler. 

You can also reach out to us if you'd like to donate or if you know of an electrician who would like to donate their services. Please contact us at staff@newscenter25.com or 361- 575- 2500. 

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