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First Responders Practice Safety Measures During Mock Gas Line Strike

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With continued growth in Victoria and surrounding areas, "Texas 811" employees say it's more important than ever to know and understand what to do before digging underground. 

Thursday morning, Texas811, Enertech, the Damage Prevention Councils of Texas and many other entities presented a mock gas line strike demonstration at the Emerging Technology Center.

"You got to be ready and know what to do because people's lives depend on it." says Excavator Michael Jimenez. 

The demonstration showed how first responders react in case of an accident and relays the importance of understanding the free 811 safety system. 

"Any time you hit one of the lines you're going to cause environmental damage or you're going to get somebody hurt," says Damage Prevention Manager Jaime Medina. "Texas 811 is a one call system here in Texas,  and it's a state law that if you're digging more than 16 inches deep you have to have a one call ticket."

Should you have to dig underground Lauren Harper says safety is their number one priority, but it's important that the public plays their part.

"When you're out doing construction, there is a number of things that could go wrong. There's gas pipes and electric pipes, and if you were to dig into one that's something you need to know how to handle," she says.

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