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Speaker to examine impact of Jackson County civil rights case

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UHV will be presenting its weekly provost lecture series named 'From Edna to the U.S. Supreme Court' on Tuesday, April 4th.

When people think about famous U.S. Supreme Court civil rights cases, discussion often centers on Brown v. Board of Education, but this lecture will focus closer to home.

Another case decided in 1954 just a few days before Brown originated in the Jackson County Courthouse and impacted criminal courts across the nation by requiring jury selection to include Mexican Americans, who made up 15 percent of the county’s population at the time.

This case was important to Mexican-Americans in Texas in 1954.  
"It became one of the most important supreme court cases for the early part of the civil rights movement and it addressed the rights of Mexican-Americans to serve on a jury in Texas," said UHV VP for Advancement and External Relations Jesse Pisors. 
The court case originated in 1951 from the murder trial of Pete Hernandez, a 21 year-old cotton picker accused of shooting a man at an Edna bar.
Dr. Michael A. Olivas will be the speaker on this topic next Tuesday at the UHV University North multi-purpose room.
The event starts at noon, and will be free to the public. 
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