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Angel Gowns Special Delivery

Posted: Updated: Aug 09, 2016 10:12 PM

VICTORIA-- It was not too long ago that a pregnant Kayla Slaughter was rushed to DeTar Women and Children hospital, where a mother's worst nightmare suddenly became her reality.
Five months later she comes face to face with the nurse who cared for her during her emergency visit.

"The first thing that Shelli told me was it's going to be okay, it's not my fault, and that has stuck with me and it still sticks with me"  said Kayla Slaughter.

Shelli Green is one of many nurses at DeTar who comforted Kayla through her pregnancy loss, but comfort was not thing only thing Kayla received from DeTar.

"The memory box was more than I could ever imagined and the outfit inside I remember thinking it's so small but it was the right size for her" said Kayla Slaughter.

The small outfit left a big imprint on Kayla's heart, so much so that she wanted to make sure every parent met with the same fate had something nice to bury their child in.

 "If i can give something back to someone else and show them that their experience doesn't have to be all negative" said Kayla Slaughter.

As you may remember, Kayla found Angel Gowns by Dane a non profit organization in Katy that turns wedding gowns into angel gowns. More than fifteen gowns were made out of Kayla's wedding dress.

Eight weeks after Kayla donated her wedding dress, she met up with Diane to deliver the gowns to DeTar in person , not only as a token of her appreciation to the hospital but so that the gowns could go to families  in the crossroads area.
Each gown comes with a memory card donated in memory of daughter Riley Grace.

 "Better than I could have imagined thank you" said Kayla Slaughter.

The nurses at DeTar were equally pleased with the gowns, they said these are the first angel gowns the hospital has ever received.
Nurses who are seasoned to cope with tragedies brought to tears by the gesture. To many, Kayla's story of courage, generosity, and love at a time where some would understandably turn to hate was nothing short of inspiring, even her mother was inspired to donate a dress.

 "With what Kayla went through and i thought if Kayla was strong enough to do this then I felt like I should to that it was the least I can do" said Jewel Black. 

At the heart of this circle of kindness is Diane, founder of the organization who along with her volunteers create these angel gowns to offer a glimmer of light for those in the darkness.

"Since we did our first interview we donated close to 8 thousand gowns now. we sent out to 14 new hospitals now we discovered a huge need in military hospitals" said Diane Dionne. 

Diane says anyone in need of angel gowns can reach out to receive a donated gown made possible through the donations of people like Kayla who want to help.

"Help bring awareness to a lot of people on what exactly happens when a baby is born sleeping. A lot of people think after that it's done but there is a long process of coping and an outfit is a very small gesture but it goes a long way"  said Kayla Slaughter.

We have learned Kayla is expecting a baby girl in January. 

To request an angel gown or if you wish to serve as a drop off location visit  http://angelgownsbydiane.org/

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