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A Dress for the Angels

A Dress for the Angels

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Angel Gowns By Diane: http://angelgownsbydiane.org/

Angel Babies Victoria Free Grief Support Group: angelbabiesvictoria@yahoo.com

VICTORIA, TX--" I just love how big this dress is" said Kayla Slaughter.

Like all brides to be when you find the perfect dress you just know and for Victoria's Kayla Slaughter it was no different.

"I was super nervous about having to get it taken in, I didn't have to get it taken in once, and it came from Russia, their sizes run weird"

Much like her relationship to husband Ryan, the dress was a perfect fit. Kayla didn't know at the time that this dress was destined for more than just her wedding day.

And as the rhyme goes first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby with the baby carriage.
Kayla and Ryan revealed their baby's gender over video they shared with family and friends.

"Ever since we found out the gender we called her Riley Grace" said Kayla Slaughter.

Kayla felt she could breath easier now that she was past the first trimester.

"After we hit 12 weeks I was like we are in the clear, we're good"

But one Saturday changes Kayla's life.

"I was about 18 weeks along when I started going into labor with her and we had never prepared for anything like that because we had been busy buying the crib and clothes and everything"

The crib that went up would too soon come down. The Slaughters were not prepared to lose Riley Grace but are grateful to the staff at DeTar Women & Childcare's hospital who were prepared with a memory box filled with items that would allow them to keep their daughter's memory alive.

"We were not expecting that at all, so for us to have that little tiny piece of her meant a lot" said Kayla Slaughter.

And that's not all that was in the box.

"Had these little clothes in it and I asked can we bury her in this and they said of course" said Kayla Slaughter.

The outfit inside given to bury Riley in was not made out of a wedding gown, but having something to bury her daughter in meant the world to Kayla.

"Every parent will say this, their child looks just like an angel when there are born, we just had an angel born sleeping " said Kayla Slaughter.

inspired by the gesture remembered something she always wanted to do, donate her wedding dress to be made into angel gowns for babies who leave this earth too soon.

"I was kind of in a trance, still haven't accepted what happened and I thought I'm still donating my gown now I have to more than ever"

"We wanted to help out other people and show them there that care and Kayla's dress is how we can help them out and be there for them in their time of need"

"My daughter Sara lost two babies" Said Diane Dionne, Founder of Angel Gowns By Diane

And that brought on Angel Gowns By Diane, a nonprofit organization based in Katy, Texas.

"My inspiration is there was nothing to dress either baby in " Said Diane Dionne.

Diane currently makes the angel gowns from a small room in her apartment, she's hoping to soon raise enough funds to have a location outside her home for all the gowns she and her volunteers make.

"We've donated over seven thousand and we have probably another six hundred ready to go" Said Diane Dionne.

And Diane does not charge anything for the gowns she makes that go to hospitals, funeral homes and families in need all across the country.

She was thrilled to meet and receive Kayla dress in person and she had a surprise for Kayla

"So if we can have your baby's name well make sure we donate in memory and if you have a hospital that you want us to use" Said Diane Dionne.

And Kayla did have a hospital in mind, she was excited about the opportunity to give back to a hospital who she said gave her comfort in her darkest hour. Kayla hopes donating her wedding gown will help in her healing.

"I feel like if I make it a little less hard for someone else, ill find peace with it eventually" said Kayla Slaughter.

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