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Delayed School Times & Closings

Due to the severe Arctic Front pushing into the Crossroads overnight, a few county's have decided to delay or cancel classes for students Thursday.

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BC-TN-Tennessee Livestock, TN

NV—LS139 Tennessee Daily Composite Market Report, USDA-TN Dept of Agric Market News Reported auctions on Tuesday, Mar 3, 2015, at Athens and Huntingdon. Cattle Receipts: 1,411 Trends: According to Federal and State Market News Service, no trends could be established. Sales were not reported last week due to weather conditions. Slaughter Cows Boners 80-85 pct lean 102.00-117.00; Slaughter Cows Lean 85-90 pct lean 95.00-103.50; Slaughter Bulls 1100-2200 lbs 126.50-138.00. Steers Medium and Large 1-2: 300-400 lbs 300.00-350.00; 400-500 lbs 250.00-307.00; 500-600 lbs 221.00-262.00; 600-700 lbs 218.00-232.00. Bulls Medium and Large 1-2: 400-500 lbs 247.50-306.00; 500-600 lbs 218.00-260.00; 600-700 lbs 190.00-222.00. Heifers Medium and Large 1-2: 300-400 lbs 237.00-313.00; 400-500 lbs 228.00-266.00; 500-600 lbs 213.00-231.00; 600-700 lbs 185.00-221.00. Source: Tennessee Dept of Ag-USDA Market News, Nashville, TN Jodee Inman, OIC (502)782-4139—ls139.txt /slb  

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