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  • Souder & Company's Larry Souder wishes KAVU a happy 35th anniversary

    "Hello, I'm Larry Souder. 35 years ago I was 35. When I anchored the weekend news I looked like this but today I look like this! Happy birthday, KAVU-TV and thanks for watching," Souder said.

  • Original news anchor Kelly Compher wishes KAVU a happy 35th anniversary

    "Hi everybody, I'm Kelly Craig. Back in 1982 when I started, I was one of the originals. In Victoria, I was Kelly Compher and then my next station changed my name and I became very Hollywood although I never went to Hollywood. Lovely to reminisce about my days at KAVU. I loved it. It was a wonderful starting ground for me. I was privileged to start right out of college and now look at me. Congratulations, KAVU. Thank you for giving me a 

  • Trending Reporter Audrey Castoreno wishes KAVU a happy 35th anniversary

    "I was at Newscenter 25 back in 2011 as a reporter and that was some of the best times of my life. It was my first job in the news industry and I remember it well. I enjoyed all the people of Victoria. They were so welcoming. I have a lot of friends that I still talk to there in town as well as everyone there at Newscenter 25, those behind the scenes and in front of the camera. I made some great friends. All of those people really shaped 

  • KAVU's 1st weekend meteorologist wishes KAVU a Happy 35th Anniversary

    "Hey Victoria and the Crossroads area! My name is Rusty Garrett and 35 years ago I was the first weekend weather man. For the past 27 years I've  

  • Chelsey Hernandez wishes KAVU happy 35th anniversary

    "Hey guys, Chelsey Hernandez here. I just want to wish KAVU a Happy 35th year anniversary and many more years to come. I was a KAVU from 2013 to 2015. I succeeded Shawna Currie as the morning news anchor and I had big shoes to fill but thank you to you all who made it possible, who welcomed me into your homes each and every day. Victoria happens to be my hometown, hi Mom, hi Dad. I am now the first evening traffic anchor at

  • 25@35 Snapshot: Advice from an Adman

    In this 25@35 snapshot--we talk to Bob Martin who was a salesman here at the Victoria Television Group in the eighties. Mr. Martin takes us back to a time when TV was young and being a salesman here in Victoria was a unique experience.

  • A 25@35 Snapshot: Dr. Ruth Constant Remembers

     This year KAVU celebrates thirty-five years of serving the crossroads community, but did you ever wonder how it all started? 

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