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  • Field of Honor Pays Respect to Fallen Heroes

    "Memorial day in general is about sacrifice it's about living for something bigger than you," Schneider said. The sacrifice the men and women in the military make every day is sometimes paid by giving their lives for our country. On Memorial Day 2,800 patriots were honored a the Field of Honor with songs and kind words to remind us how thankful we are for their bravery. Boy Scout Troop 364 retired 30 flags to honor the symbolism of the stars and the stripes. If you sponsore...

  • Victoria County Veterans Council Honors Fallen at Memorial Day Ceremony

    Victoria County Veteran Council firing squad fires volleys in honor of our fallen heroes.  Veteran Council member Joe Kovar shares the meaning behind wreath placing ceremony. "Of all the people who served in the service they are remembered at this occasion each year and we come out to show our respect for our fellow comrades who have passed," Kovar said.  Joy Gernhart is the daughter of a deceased World War II veteran. She comes to the Memorial ceremony every y...

  • Man in Stable Condition after 18 wheeler Rollover

    One man is in stable condition after an 18 wheeler rollover accident this morning on Highway 59. DPS Troopers say Mario Rodriguez Rosas, 62, was traveling northbound in a truck tractor when the crash happened just before 6 a.m.  A witness says the truck lost control and rolled onto its side. Rodriguez had a deep cut to his head and was taken to Citizens Medical Center. Rodriguez was ticketed for driving at an unsafe speed. 
  • Car accident causes power outage early Sunday morning

    At least 400 AEP customers were in the dark early Sunday morning after a car accident along the 2100 block of East Airline.

  • Mosquito Prevention Encouraged Following Recent Rain

    With the expected increase of rain in the Crossroads comes the increase in concern of pesky mosquitoes. "Mosquitoes were so bad here with the rain and everything so when I saw the mosquito squad sign I thought I'd try them one time last year." Mosquitos are not only pests, but they can transmit viruses and illnesses that can be dangerous. So far, 12 Zika cases and 1 West Nile case has been reported in Texas for 2017. Luckily zero cases have occurred in the C...

  • Community Gathers For the Groundbreaking of the Victoria Islamic Center

    After four months since a fire blazed through the Victoria Islamic center members are beginning to rebuild. "It's been a process to understand what really happened because it was a shock to have this happen without any expectation," says President of the Islamic Center Shahid Hashmi. Saturday, the community gathered for a groundbreaking ceremony to mark the beginning of the mosque's reconstruction. "It's just a symbolic ceremony, we just announced officially tha...

  • 95-year-old Navy Veteran Flies U.S. Naval Aircraft

    A Local 95 year old Navy veteran is getting the chance of a lifetime to return to the skies in a plane he hasn't in flown in 70 years. "I'm taking one of my first flights in an SNJ like I did about 70 years ago," says Roger Dawson. As a result of being a navy pilot trainer in 1942.. Dawson had a lingering desire to fly an SNJ once again. "I feel like a million dollars. I feel 20 years old again," says Dawson. His family was also there to cheer him on....

  • Armour Eckrich recalls sausage over metal concerns

    Nearly 100,000 pounds of precooked sausage products are being recalled because they might contain metal.

  • Boating Safety Tips for Memorial Weekend

    Coleto Creek Park will be busy this weekend with people from all around the Crossroads taking in the good weather and getting out on the water. Watch this story to hear some tips from one boater who has been fishing for 47 years on how to stay safe.

  • Cuero Lifeguard Shares Pool Safety Tips for Memorial Weekend Fun

    "Make sure they don't run and bust their heads. Make sure they don't drown," Cuero lifeguard, Martin West said. It's Memorial Day weekend and many people are getting ready for a fun in the sun day near a pool. As Cuero life guard Martin West prepares for the Cuero pool summer kickoff on Saturday, May 27th he shares ways parents can keep their child safe near the water. "Make sure that they're always in reach that's the most important thing if you seem the...
  • One Dead after Single Car Accident Near Cuero

    One man is dead after a single car accident 3 miles south of Cuero.

  • Vine Street Closed Beginning on May 3

    (VICTORIA, TEXAS) Beginning on Tuesday, May 30, 2017, the City will close Vine Street from Santa Rosa Street to Commercial Street to thru traffic to install utility lines. 

  • Truck hits utility pole, causes power outages

     Truck hits utility pole near intersection of Mockingbird and John Stockbauer causing power outage.

  • KAVU Pet of the Week

    Dorothy O'Connor Pet Adoption Center joined us in studio this morning for our KAVU Pet of the week. Our dog of the week: Carla Our cat of the week: Mercedes

  • Victoria's hazmat route was never enforced now it may be repealed

    The City of Victoria has a hazmat route ordinance but it hasn't been enforced since it was adopted in 1982. The route was originally on Highway 77 and Business 59 through Victoria, but since the day the ordinance was put into law the City of Victoria has grown. 

  • Card Skimmer Found in El Campo ATM

    An employee at First Convenience Bank inside the El Campo Wal Mart spotted a card skimmer attached to their ATM recently. 

  • Elderly Port Lavaca Woman Homeless after Housing Takes Back Voucher

    A home full of mold, holes, rodents and no air conditioning or water. "It breaks my heart because my mom shouldn't have to live like this. No elderly person should have to live like this when there's resources out there to help them," Victoria resident, Brenda Saenz said.  Victoria resident Brenda Saenz tells me the condition of her elderly mother's home and her struggle trying to get help from the Port Lavaca housing authority.  "The trail...

  • Victoria College 2017 Graduation

  • Pay it Forward: Down Syndrome League of Victoria receives donation

    It's Pay it Forward Thursday!

  • Edna Woman Accused of Killing Boyfriend Charged with Murder

    An Edna woman has been charged with murder after initially claiming self-defense.

  • Car Accident Sends 4 People to Hospital

    Four people were taken to the hospital on Thursday afternoon after an accident on Goodwin.

  • ALDI to host hiring events

    VICTORIA- ALDI will host hiring events for its upcoming store in Victoria on Thursday, May 18 and Friday, May 26.

  • New Storm Surge Watches and Warnings

    It's a scary statistic... "3 out of 4 lives lost in a hurricane is from drowning," said Rhome. And that's the very thing that worries meteorologist and storm surge specialist Jaime Rhome. Rhome and his team at the National Hurricane Center have seen this trend increase throughout the last several years. Rhome feels that something needs to be done. "People are drowning in storms..its not the wind that getting them,"said Rhome. During Hurricane Katrina in 2005, o...

  • Arsenic violations dominate Victoria County WCID 2

    Four health-based water system violations dominated a Victoria County water district the past two years, according the latest Environmental Protection Agency or EPA ECHO database report.

  • Bee County Storm Recovery; Power expected to be restored at 8 p.m.

    cg 1: colton tyler, beeville resident cg 2: presiliano quvas, beeville resident "It was dark and the rain was going sideways. It was going left right all over the place," Beeville resident, Colton Tyler said. Beeville resident Colton Tyler was at church during the storm. He describes the heavy rains bursting through the church door Tuesday night. "The electricity shuts off and we got to the door and it's just down pouring. Winds blowing everything everywhere. I...

  • Victoria Restaurant Provides Free Lunch for EMS Week

    San Antonio Air Life and Olive Garden teamed up today to provide free lunch to all of the EMS workers at the Victoria Fire Departments. They provide lunches up to 80 EMS workers. Dylan Braudaway general manager at olive garden says he wanted to give back to our first responders by just saying thank you for all that they do for the community. "All those people that are first responders and supporting our community, i feel like they deserve the appreciation especially for ems...

  • Power outages continue throughout Bee County

    BEEVILLE- Bee County residents continue to experience power outages throughout the area.

  • Bay City Says Goodbye To Police Chief

     Members of the Bay City Community say goodbye to a local official.

  • North Street Closed Beginning on May 25

    (VICTORIA, TEXAS) Beginning on Thursday, May 25, 2017, the City will reduce North Street to eastbound only traffic from Main Street to Bridge Street to make pavement repairs.

  • Victoria Memorial Day Closings

    All non-emergency city offices will close Monday, May 29, for the Memorial Day holiday.

  • Severe weather event in Bee County causes extensive damage

    BEEVILLE- Severe weather in Bee County causes power outage and extensive damage.

  • GPS tracker leads officials to search new area for missing doctor

    "Today we concentrated our search on fresh area that is near the initial search area but was only originally searched by air," said Boyd.

  • How Victoria Regional Handles Flight Delays

    Victoria Regional Airport works with Texas Sky Airline and Clear Direct Baggage Claim to make sure their flights from Victoria to Dallas and back run smoothly every day. 

  • Mental Health Officer Program Update

    "We've been able to divert individuals going to jail or going to the hospital," Gulf Bend Center Director of Behavioral Health Services, Nicole Way said.  Gulf Bend Center introduced two mental health officers and law enforcement navigator in their mental health officer program at Tuesday's board meeting.  

  • Texas Flood Awareness Week,May 22nd through 26th

    Governor Greg Abbott signed a proclamation stating May 22nd through 26th will be Texas Flood Awareness Week meant to teach people how to stay safe and be prepared in the event of a flood with the upcoming hurricane season beginning, June 1st.  

  • Citizens Medical Center Celebrates EMS Professionals

    On Tuesday, Citizens Medical Center hosted a luncheon for EMS professionals.

  • Warrior's Weekend: Field of Honor Closing Ceremony

    The Warrior's Weekend Field of Honor will be closing soon, and the folks from the field invite everyone to come out to the closing ceremonies.

  • What you need to know before choosing a safe child care arrangement

    VICTORIA, Texas— Better Business Bureau serving the Heart of Texas advises asking a lot of questions and doing some homework before settling on the arrangement that is best for you and your child

  • Flights from Dallas to Victoria run into Turbulence with Flyers

    "People had jobs and things they had to come home to kids and things of that nature," Trevino said.  Melanie Trevino almost didn't make it from Dallas to Victoria as she had planned. Melanie was stuck on a Tarmac at DFW International Airport as her flight was delayed. She says her flight was supposed to take off at 4:30pm but an airplane radio problem changed that.  "We stopped and the plane was turned off and we were told that there was a radio problem on t...

  • Victoria City Council to discuss hands free ordinance, Mayor says

    "I'd like to talk to the rest of city council about it to see what they think of a ban on texting," said Mayor Paul Polasek.

  • Commissioners Approve Funding for Road Improvements to Adcock Dairy Road

    Business owner Heidi Sanchez drives down Adcock Dairy Road each day to get to work, but the road to work isn't what she calls a safe one. "Its a quiet little road. We moved out here and built my shop, but we noticed every time it would rain the ditches would flood. The road would wash out and it made it to where it was a safety issue," she says. Monday commissioners approved a construction contract with Dunn Services, to redo Adcock Dairy Road. Commissioner ...
  • $3,000 reward for killer of two dogs found in Hamlet subdivision

    "I didn't know if they got out and got hit and it was an accident or anything like that," Victoria resident, Kyndell Brandt said. 

    Kyndell Brandt was out of town Tuesday night when he received a call from his neighbors looking for his two Dobermen. He never thought a night of roaming in the neighborhood would end in death.

  • Calhoun County Deputy in Recovery After Being Struck by Vehicle

    A Calhoun County Sheriff's Deputy is now recovering after being struck by a vehicle in Port O'Connor Saturday evening.

  • Missing Swimmer Found Dead at Matagorda Beach

    One man is dead after officials say they found his body at Matagorda Beach Sunday.

  • Victoria Crime Stoppers: Searching for Missing Goliad Man

    Victoria Crime Stoppers is still searching for a missing man from Goliad.

  • Vine Street and Forrest Street Closed Beginning on May 22

    The City will close Vine Street from Constitution Street to Goodwin Avenue, and Forrest Street from Victoria Street to Moody Street to thru traffic to make pavement repairs

  • Port Lavaca City Officials And Residents Push For Curbside Recycling

    For Port Lavaca resident Robyn Castillo, curbside recycling is something she believes would make a big difference in the city's environment. "I know I don't recycle at this moment and I would if I knew it was readily available all the time," says Castillo. "It would be convenient for us just to put it at the side of the road like we do our trash. Just make a certain day a week maybe even two times a week for us to recycle." City Manager Robert Brad...

  • Warriors Weekend 2017

    Warriors Weekend 2017 Salutes Our Troops

  • Community Comes Together To Honor First Responders

    Many law enforcement agencies responded to Mercer E.R. Saturday.... but they weren't there to work, they were there to be appreciated. "With everything going on today its just nice to be appreciated or feel appreciated," says Sgt. Kelly Luther with the Victoria Police Department. The community recognized many local agencies during Mercer E.R.'s first responder appreciation event.  Kids, even adults, were able to climb up in fire trucks and police cars for an up close ...

  • Warriors Weekend: Warriors Arrive in Port O'Connor

    "Warriors weekend I believe is healing time for all the soldiers that come out over here," Veteran, Robert Castaneda said.  Hundreds of warriors drove in to Port O' Connor Friday night ready for a weekend of community and comradery. Castaneda says this sense of community is hard to find anywhere else.  "It makes me feel a little better knowing that there's people out there that know what I'm going through. I know that all I have to do is go up to any gu...

  • Fears of Water Stoppage in Bloomington Loom

    "I don't feel like it's right because we do have to take a shower every day and drink water and we do pay rent," occupant said.  The people I spoke with who live in the housing provided by ALMS in Bloomington cannot imagine a day without water and Noemi Troncoso, President of the Water Board, says the board's decision to shut off water Tuesday morning pains her.    "I feel sorry for these people that it is going to effect the tenants of ALMS they have p...

  • Veterans Celebrated at Field of Honor for Warriors Weekend

    Warriors weekend 2017 is kicking off to a roaring start. Hundreds of military personnel and veterans from all around the U.S. received a huge South Texas hello as they stepped off the buses. Handshakes, hugs, and especially many sincere thank you's, showed these warriors exactly how the people of South Texas feel about all that they do to keep our country free. Warriors Weekend is an event where veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are recognized for the bravery they have...

  • Warriors Weekend: Cuero Luncheon Friday Afternoon

    More than 100 soldiers enjoyed a luncheon this afternoon at the Cuero Veterans of Foreign Wars. Cuero Pilot Club held a lunch for our warriors as they made there way from fort hood this morning. Cuero's Smokey Wilson played music at the event.  Veterans and their families enjoyed food and community as they came together to kick off warriors weekend and celebrate before heading to Victoria.  One soldier shares what his first warriors weekend means to him.  "It giv...
  • Warrior's Weekend Luncheon in Cuero

    More than a hundred soldiers enjoyed a luncheon this afternoon at the Cuero Veterans of Foreign Wars. Cuero Pilot Club held a lunch for our warriors as they made there way from Fort Hood this morning. Cuero's Smokey Wilson played music at the event.  Veterans and their families enjoyed food and community as they came together to kick off Warriors Weekend and celebrate before heading to Victoria.  One soldier shares what his first Warriors Weekend means to him. "It's gi...

  • Victoria West Senior Walk

    The graduating seniors from Victoria West held their 2nd annual Senior Walk by visiting students and teachers from its feeder schools in the area.  We caught up with West seniors at Cade Middle School and one them told us how walking through those hallways one more time brought back a lot of memories. "It feels so surreal and so awesome that we can walk through these halls one last time and see where we came from and struggled and how we overcome those," said Emily De ...

  • Crossroads Man Once Part of Top Secret Special Forces Unit

    crossroads man was part of secret one of a kind special forces unit

    It was the first counter terrorist organization authorized by congress. The Special Forces Berlin unit was created in 1956. The secrets of the men stationed in Berlin to sabotage the Soviet Union from within have been recently been revealed.

  • Some ALMS Residents in Bloomington Could Have Water Turned Off

    An error made by the Victoria County Water Control Improvement District #1 now has ALMS housing in hot water. The water district says the low income housing owes them around $40,000 in back billed payments. Attorney for VCWCID #1 Mike Gershon says this is how the problem started: "People were being charged at rates that applied prior to the rate increase, most customers in the district have been paying on the proper rate since they were increased in March 2015 and effective Apri...

  • Local Students Take Fishing Trip

    Hopkins Elementary students went on a fishing field trip today at Son Valley Ranch.  An Hopkins counselor surveyed all the students last October and found fifty percent of students had never been fishing. Pre K- 5th grade students attended the fishing field trip. Coast Guard and Texas Parks and Wildlife with the event by bringing a boat and a fish touch tank.  "The kids being able to fish, being near the water, being educated about different kinds of fish in our a...

  • VPD Reveals New Motorcycle Unit

    The Victoria Police Department revealed their brand new motorcycle unit after a 10 year hiatus.

  • UHV, Texas AgriLife Leadership Development Program

    Thursday morning at the Cuero courthouse, UHV and Texas A&M Agrilife signed an agreement to start a leadership development program in Dewitt County called the Texas Rural Leadership Program.

  • A Woman Down On Her Luck Receives Pay it Forward Donation

  • How to Avoid Recycle Contamination

    Recycle contamination is is anything that doesn't belong in the green recycle cart. Anything that belongs in the gray cart that ends up in your green cart is also considered contamination. 

  • Crossroads students get unique perspectives on math at event

    A group of 216 high school students from eight Crossroads schools and one homeschooler took part in activities that included mathematics and computer science tests, learning sessions and technology demonstrations.

  • North Street Closed Beginning on May 19

    The City will close North Street from Glass Street to Main Street to thru traffic to install utility lines. Bridge Street will also be reduced to one lane from Stayton Avenue to Rio Grande Street. 

  • HeartSaver course scheduled for May 27

    Victoria College’s next HeartSaver First AID, CPR and AED class is scheduled for Saturday, May 27 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Room 112 of VC’s Allied Health Building.

  • Some Edna Streets to be Repaired 2017-2018

    The City of Edna is planning their 2017-2018 fiscal year budget. The city is estimating the budget to be between $7-8 Million dollars. The street program will take $100,000 of the funding. The streets that will be repaired are still to be determined, but the city will decide based on worse condition, most traffic and most houses on the street. The beginning of the new fiscal year will be October 1, 2017.

  • Warriors Weekend Prep Tribute Field and Sand Sculptures

    "It's a labor of love from us to them," Warriors Weekend Staff, Gloria Fric said.  Several sand sculptors have worked nearly a month on their sculptures for Warriors Weekend, an organization which brings nearly a thousand soldiers who have fought global terrorism in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to the Crossroads.  "These soldiers have told me that these sand sculptures mean so much to them," Fric said. Gloria Fric known as the Dragon Lady ...

  • VPD Recognizes Retired Officer

    On May 17th, VPD officers recognized Sgt. Glenn Vaughn, who retired at the end of February.

  • Mother, daughter inspired each other to earn Victoria College diplomas

    Reba and Dolores Baker saw each other to the finish line at VC’s 92nd Annual Commencement on May 13.

  • VPD K-9 Robby Retires

    On Monday, May 15th, officers honored K-9 Robby, a Belgian Malinois, upon his retirement from the Victoria Police Department.

  • Victoria Street Closed Beginning on May 17

    The City will close Victoria Street from Stayton Avenue to Power Avenue to thru traffic to make pavement repairs. 

  • City Waiting on FEMA for New Flood Plain Map

    The City of Victoria has adopted a replacement of Chapter 9.5 of the city code to be in compliance with FEMA regulations. Anybody that is going to build a house or make improvements within a flood plain has to get a flood plain permit through the city," John Kaminski said. The City says they've been waiting for the past decade for FEMA to update flood plain maps, but with no idea of when that might actually be done the federal government wants the city to move forward. "T...

  • Port Lavaca Moves Forward With Capital Improvement Projects

    For Port Lavaca resident Lorena Perez-Diaz, Bayfront Peninsula Park is one of the city's most important tourist attractions, but she says now is the time for an upgrade. "I think this is definitely needed," says Perez-Diaz. "We don't want to stay where we've always been I feel like change is always positive." For this reason, Port Lavaca city council recently allocated 500,000 dollars to improve Bayfront Peninsula Park. "It's very close to the do...

  • Commerce Street Closed Beginning on May 17

    The City will close Commerce Street from Brazos Street to Red River Street to through traffic to install utilities. 

  • Christmas day shooter sentenced to 60 years in prison

    Quentin Levander Darks has been sentenced to 60 years in prison according to DeWitt County Sheriff Carl Bowen. Darks was indicted on a charge of murder after the Christmas Day killing of 26 year old D'Metra Strait. Strait was fatally shot outside her home in the 200 block of East Cleveland Street, according to Cuero police. Strait shared two children with Darks. 

  • Artificial reefs near Port O'Connor to attract marine life

    PORT O'CONNOR, Texas (AP) - Crews working six miles off the Texas coast have placed 700 concrete pyramids on the Gulf floor to form two separate artificial reefs that officials say will enhance the marine habitat and lure anglers and divers.

  • Bus Drivers Keep an Eye out for Bad Drivers in Goliad

    The Goliad County Sheriff's Office says they have been stopping drivers that aren't following the rules of the road. Drivers aren't stopping when school buses are loading and unloading children at their bus stop. It is more common to happen on the highways in Goliad. This traffic citation carries a $600 fine. 
  • Downed Power Line Starts Fire in Calhoun County

    A downed power line sparked a blaze Monday night on Highway 35 between Port Lavaca and Green Lake. Firefighters from various Calhoun County fire departments were dispatched around 9:30. Fire officials say a power line powered by the Victoria Electrical Co-op had fallen down, but remained charged and started the fire. Firefighters couldn't begin to put out the fire until the electricity from the power line was shut off. After the power was shut off by VEC it took firefighters abou...
  • Goliad I.S.D. Implements Updated Wellness Policy and Plan

    Goliad I.S.D. is taking steps to address the health needs of students in the community. Recently, the district approved an updated wellness policy and plan. Researchers say the south Texas region shows the highest levels of childhood obesity, and the school district want to do their part to prevent this problem from growing in the community. Creating healthier lunch menu items and hosting new events such as a Dance-A-Thon, are just a few ways school officials are implemen...

  • Hunting For Preservation

    Before many have gotten out of bed, the daily routines begin at the Double L Ranch. For owner Charles Lassman, that means feeding more than 130 animals on his 300 acre property. At first glance, the ranch would appear no different than its neighboring counterparts. However, travel inside and you come across some exotic species. Species that would make you think you've come across the plains of Africa or Asia. Zebras, red deer, the endangered scimitar horned oryx and more, are all a...

  • Victoria Crime Stoppers: Searching for Burglary Suspect

    Victoria Crime Stoppers is looking for information about a vehicle burglary.

  • Local Law Enforcement Honors Fallen Officers

    Local law enforcement agencies are honoring fallen officers as part of National Police Week.

  • Man Pleads Guilty to Yoakum Bank Robbery

    YOAKUM- A man is pleading guilty to robbing a bank back in November during a court hearing, police say.

  • Local Peace Officers Memorial Service

    Today is National Peace Officers Memorial Day.

  • Trailer collides into Victoria home Sunday

    A house is left with a major hole after a trailer collided into it around 7 p.m. Sunday.

  • Honoring Mom on Mother's Day

    Happy Mother's Day!

  • Victoria County Public Health Department Makes Moves Toward State Accreditation

    Nutrition, physical activity, empowerment, and health related quality of life and well -being, are the components that make up the strategic plan the Victoria County Health Department is putting into place to create a healthier community. "The goal that we need to work toward is going to be a long term process," says WIC Program Manager Kimberly Pagel. "The strategic plan that we're working on now is a fluid document. It's going to be changing over time. We'r...

  • VCSO Releases Statement on Friday Drug Raids

    May 12, 2017 Victoria County Sheriff T. Michael O’Connor released the following statement regarding the seizure and arrests of 10 criminals, 4lbs of cocaine valued at $60,000, approximately $50,000 of hard currency, 10 vehicles, and 400 tires: Today, we had the support of Homeland Security, Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office, Bay City Police Department, VCSO, the Attorney General’s Office and for that I want to thank each of them for their service in our region. Sinc...
  • 2 Victoria College Non-Traditional Graduates Journey to Success Together

    "I feel overwhelmed. Its barely sinking in.Its been a long journey," Victoria College graduate, Daniel Cervantes said.  Victoria College graduate Daniel Cervantes says it took him 5 years to get his Associate degree and his friend Jonathan Martinez came back to school after taking a 9 year break.  

  • More than 400 UHV Students Graduate Saturday

    More than 400 University of Houston-Victoria students are tossing their caps, calling themselves college graduates tonight. The University held two commencement ceremonies at Faith Family Church this afternoon. Students graduated from the schools of Arts & Sciences and education, Health Professions and Human development and Business Administration. President of Taylor Construction Management in Houston, Troi Taylor gave the keynote address. Students weren't the only on...
  • Authorities Launch Major Drug Raids Across Victoria

    Officers and Deputies from several Crossroads Law Enforcement Agencies coordinated a major drug raid on several Victoria businesses and homes on Friday.

  • Cuero Sub Teacher Improper Relationship With Student Investigation continues

    A Cuero substitute teacher is now out of jail on bond after turning herself in Thursday morning.  Adrienne Rogers, 22, turned herself in to Dewitt County Jail Thursday morning and was bonded out that afternoon. Rogers was indicted on two counts of improper relationship between educator and student. One charge with a student from October 2016 and the other with a student from April 2017. Cuero Police Department is still investigating the case and says as the investigation c...

  • VCSO Drug Raid at 2 One Stop Tire Shops & residential areas

    Victoria County Sheriff's Office Special Operations Unit have identified and infiltrated a criminal organization with transnational ties.

  • Cattle Fever Ticks in Texas

    "It is a tick just like just like you may find on your dog at home but a little different in its species that likes to feed on cattle," said Dr. Paschal Cattle fever ticks are found on cows, deer, or nilgai an Indian antelope. The disease destroys red blood cells which can cause high fever, enlargement of the spleen and liver killing 90% of cattle. " We see these ticks along the neck area, down along the forearms, back behind the hind legs in the folds ...

  • Multi-agency Raid Nets Significant Arrests in Victoria

    Friday afternoon about 2:30pm officers and deputies from several Crossroads law enforcement agencies coordinated a multi-agency raid on several Victoria businesses and homes.   

  • Part of US 59 to Close on May 16th

    VICTORIA –  US 59 at Beck Road will be closed in both directions on Tuesday, May 16th from 8 a.m to 8 p.m.

  • Victoria College commencement ceremonies set for Saturday

    A total of 331 students will participate in Victoria College’s 92nd Annual Commencement on Saturday at the Victoria Fine Arts Center.

  • VC receives $269,477 grant from Texas Workforce Commission

    Victoria College was one of 10 community and technical colleges to receive grants from the Texas Workforce Commission to support high-demand occupations through the Jobs and Education for Texans (JET) grant program.

  • UHV graduates to celebrate Saturday at commencement

    UHV will hold spring commencement Saturday at Faith Family Church, 2002 E. Mockingbird Lane. The 9 a.m. ceremony will be for graduates of the schools of Arts & Sciences and Education, Health Professions & Human Development.

  • UHV Ring Blessing

    UHV Mascot Jax the Jaguar Will Bless This Years Class Rings

  • KAVU Pet of the week

    Pet adoptions of Cuero joined us in studio this week for our KAVU Pet of the week.

  • Abigail Is Ready for State Competition

    Abigail Brozozowske has been doing rodeo events for the past six years. In those six years she has brought home many trophies, medals and buckles. Her horse Blue has been by her side the entire time and they've created a bond that has helped Abby qualify for the state competition in College Station. 

  • Sewer Problems For One Wharton Neighborhood

    One Wharton neighborhood is in need of a new sewer line. The city of Wharton will be putting a new trunk line down Alabama Street to Center Street. The aging sewer system has caused many calls for service due to sewer stoppages for residents. Construction is estimated to start within the next 60 days and will last for an estimated 90-120 days. The construction will be taking place in the alley ways between Texas, Koehl and Speed streets. 

  • Click It or Ticket starts May 22nd

    May marks the kickoff of TXDot's Click or Ticket campaign. 

  • Local Electric Company Repairs Rushing Wind Shower

    We reported Wednesday, Rushing Wind Fellowship was in need of donations after their shower trailer was vandalized Monday night and left without power. A local electric company fixed the trailer cable Thursday afternoon.  

  • One man dead after Edna Police chase ends in crash

    One person is dead after high speed chase with Edna Police ended in a crash.  

  • Community Prayer

    The group organizing the community prayer on the plaza hopes to have their first meeting for all Christians in Victoria the first Wednesday in June from 11:30-12:30 at DeLeon Plaza. You can call Carmia Green at 361-582-6074 for more information on how to be involved. 
  • Rushing Wind Without Shower After Vandalism, Accepting Donations

    "It's very important that the homeless people have a shower because nobody has or cares about the homeless people taking baths," Rushing Wind Volunteer, Rhonda Williams said. 

  • Victoria Islamic Center Sets Groundbreaking Date

    The Victoria Islamic Center says they are planning to break ground on a new building on May 27, to mark the beginning of Ramadan.

  • Keeping Victoria in Rhythm

    Keeping Victoria in rhythm. That was the message Dr.  Jasvinder Sidhu spoke of during today's Victoria's Chamber of Commerce Luncheon. Doctor Sidhu of DeTar Hospital  was the featured speaker. Sidhu has developed an Electrophysiology program at DeTar which will provide high tech heart care for the residents in Victoria instead of going out of town. "We have brought in the ability to do electrical studies, to do ablations that are curable for electrical rhythm prob...

  • The Victoria Television Group Acquired by Morgan Murphy Media

    Grosse Pointe Farms-- Saga Communications announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Evening Telegram Company d/b/a Morgan Murphy Media to sell the Company’s television stations in the Joplin, MO – Pittsburg, KS and the Victoria, TX. 

  • Local Students Learn About Agriculture

    The Victoria County Farm Bureau brought a farm and ranch exhibit to Our Lady of Victory Catholic School Tuesday morning.

  • Victoria Crime Stoppers: Looking for burglary suspects

    Victoria Crime Stoppers is looking for two burglary suspects.

  • Suspect on the run after manhunt in DeWitt County

    DEWITT COUNTY- A suspect is still on the run after a domestic dispute leads to a manhunt this morning.

  • ALDI to host hiring events in Victoria

    VICTORIA- ALDI will host hiring events for its upcoming store in Victoria on Thursday, April 20 and Wednesday, April 26.

  • Sunrise Anchor gives inpsirational speech at F.W. Gross

     Newscenter 25's Jasmine Haynes gave a motivational speech to students Wednesday at F.W. Gross Elementary in Victoria.

  • Schroeder Hall up for bids on Ebay starting at $1

    Schroeder Hall is up for sale but not your typical property sale.Schroeder Hall is up for sale but not your typical property sale. The second oldest dance hall in Texas will be up for sale on Ebay for one dollar.

  • Bubba the Gorilla Returns at Honda Grand Reopening

    A furry Victoria icon is here to stay. That, according to one local business.

  • Heart Health: Knowing your risk factors

    Heart disease is the number one cause of death worldwide.

  • Victoria Islamic Center looks for ways to educate community

    A representative meet with members of the Victoria Islamic Center to discuss plans on relieving tension in the community after the recent mosque fire.  

  • Authorities On the Search For Undocumented Immigrants in Victoria County

    Victoria County resident Ann Hagel says it was about a year ago when undocumented immigrants stole her son's truck, and sped off near Goliad highway. After hearing of another bailout today near her home, she wants to warn others to stay safe. "We'll be uneasy for a while until they find them all." Locking her doors and securing her home is something that Ann Hagel practices daily. "I always lock my doors I don't care what," she says.  She do...

  • Members offer forgiveness after arson revealed in investigation

    "We're quite frankly devastated by the news because I can't imagine why anybody would want to inflict such harm on a community of Muslims who did nothing."

  • Vietnam Memorial Replica Comes to Cuero

    The Wall that Heals will be in Cuero from Thursday to Sunday and will be open 24 hours a day. 
  • Victoria County Officials Advise Community To Avoid Burning Trash

    "Be aware of what your fire is doing and be very mindful of it," Victoria County Sheriff Deputy, Bryan Simmons said.  Victoria County Deputy Bryan Simmons shares a tip on how you can control your trash burn. Victoria County Fire Marshall office and Sheriff's office warn you to avoid burning your trash and if you need to burn, take caution. Dry grass has become a threat to Victoria County.  "What happened about two weeks ago we had a freeze. When the fre...

  • Credit Card Skimmer Found at Local Gas Station, How to Protect your Information

    "This is a crime that affects everybody and were seeing it more and more," Victoria Sheriff Deputy, Bryan Simons said. Victoria County Sheriff Deputy Bryan Simons warns residents to be aware of credit card skimmers at gas station pumps. Deputies found a skimmer at the Raisin Windmill store off of U.S. 59 on December 9th. Thieves are specifically looking for debit transactions to steal the pin that is assigned to the card. "The skimmer captures all of the data ont...
  • H-E-B issues voluntary recall on bakery products

    (SAN ANTONIO) — In cooperation with Dawn Food Products, Inc., H-E-B announced today that it has issued a voluntary recall for certain bakery products made with Valley Milk Products LLC’s High Heat Nonfat Dry Milk Powder. As part of a larger recall affecting several retailers, Valley Milk Products has recalled the affected product, which was supplied to H-E-B for use in bakery products.  

  • High School Football Playoff Scoreboard

  • Goliad defeats Edna in playoff game

    Goliad defeated Edna in the 3A Division One area playoff. Goliad 22, Edna 17
  • First Food Delivery App hits Victoria

    "Its really convenient because you can do everything from your phone," Order Here mobile app owner, Suresh Anbalagan said. 

  • Tank explosion in Dewitt County, now under control

    About an hour ago we got reports of an explosion in Dewitt county  involving at least two tanks. The cause of the explosion is unknown . We do know that there are no injuries. 

  • Fugitive chase ends in arrest

    The U.S. Marshals service was conducting a fugitive investigation on Oscar Hinojosa, 37 years old, from Victoria. He was indicted on conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. Marshals say they had him located on 2500 block of Lone Tree. Hinojosa was traveling in a vehicle when the Marshals service conducted a mobile surveillance of the suspect.  VPD was called in to make a traffic stop, but Hinojosa continued driving on Wildwood. He turned right onto Ben Jorda...
  • Dewitt County retired school personnel honor first responders

    Dewitt County retired school personnel recognize and thanked Dewitt County  first responders today in Cuero.   Cuero Fire Department, Cuero Police Department, Dewitt Sheriff Department, Texas Highway Patrol and Cuero Volunteer Fire Department were in attendance. Dewitt County retired school personnel recognized each department and handed out gifts to show their appreciation. "Its very important because first responders usually see every one in the worst of times ...
  • Cuero's Christmas in the Park opening soon, volunteers needed

    Calling all elves and Santa's helpers! Cuero's Christmas in the Park is coming up and the December events committee is still seeking volunteers.  Christmas in the Park is an annual community event with 175 Christmas and holiday scenes. Christmas in the Park starts Monday, November 14th and ends New Years Day from 6 to 10 pm. "We got 100,000 people last year and we're expecting more this year because we have grown a little bit more, the city has grown also and...
  • Cuero Recycling Center celebrates America Recycles Day

    The Cuero Recycling Center celebrated America Recycles Day today with an Electronic Waste Collection drop off. In the last year the center has taken in 18 tons of electronics. 

  • Dust piling as shelves remain empty at Pet Pantry of Victoria County

    Shelves where pet food was once fully stocked are now covered in dust.

  • Shoebox Collection Week drop offs throughout the Crossroads, deadline November 21st

    Every year, Operation Christmas Child's National Collection Week takes place with nearly 5,000 drop-off locations across the country and we're participating locally. Shoebox Collection Week starts today and lasts until November 21st.  You can fill a Shoebox with toys, school supplies or hygiene items for children and turn it in to a local drop off location.  There are several drop off locations in the Crossroads. "I know that these are going to children arou...
  • VPD accepting Blue Santa applications until November 30th

    The Victoria Police Officers Association, Victoria Police Department and community members join together for the annual Blue Santa Program.  

  • Bloomington mail in ballot issue

    There have been claims of illegal mail in ballots in Bloomington during the November 8th elections. We  spoke with elections administrator George Matthews and a Bloomington post office worker about the issue. Every resident in Bloomington is required to have  a P.O. Box. No one should get mail sent directly to their home. Postal worker says some people share P.O. boxes at apartment complexes and have mailboxes in front of their homes. There are limited post offices boxe...
  • Several streets Will Be Closed to Through Traffic Beginning on November 15

    (VICTORIA, TEXAS) Beginning on Tuesday, November 15, 2016, the City will close North Street to through traffic between Glass Street and Bridge Street to install utility lines.  This street closure is expected to take 1 week; weather permitting. Beginning on Tuesday, November 15, 2016, the City will close Stayton Street to through traffic between Bridge Street and Glass Street in order to install utility lines.  This lane closure is expected to take 2 days; weather permittin...
  • Friday Football Fever Scoreboard

  • Wharton wins big against Orange Grove

    wharton wins big against orange grove
    Wharton wins big against Orange Grove in first playoff game. Wharton 48-14
  • Edna defeats Luling

    Edna defeats Luling in first playoff game. Edna 24, Luling 21
  • Feelings of appreciation go a long way, veterans say

    "It's a great feeling to know people appreciate what you've done."

  • Crossroads Area Veteran Center celebrates One Year Anniversary

    "I'm very proud of my service time," Victoria County Veteran Council member, Peter Riesz said.  Friday is Veterans day but this year's holiday will be extra special for the Crossroads Area Veteran center who will celebrate the center's one year anniversary the following day Saturday. The center offers several types of counseling and support for all veterans and their spouses, helping local veterans transition from military to civilian life.  [CG in 0:2...

  • Local Party Chairs share their opinions on Trump Presidency Win

    "I was going for Trump. I just believe a man should run this country," Victoria resident, David Gamaz said. Victoria resident David Gamaz says his opinion is based on his religious opinions. I spoke with local party chairs about their opinions on the presidential elections results.  Donald Trump won the presidential election  in a tight race against Hillary Clinton Tuesday.  Victoria GOP and Democratic parties held watch parties as results cam...

  • Polling Locations and I.D. Information for Crossroads Voters

    Victoria County will open 35 Vote Centers from 7 am to 7 pm. Registered voters from any Victoria County election precinct may vote at any Vote Center.

  • Where you can apply for seasonal job positions

    It's getting closer to the holidays and that means holiday shopping madness and retailers are looking to fill seasonal positions. Seasonal employment starts around August and September and slows down at the beginning of February.   Victoria resident Robin Shelton says she looking for a seasonal job to help her family.  Workforce Solutions Executive Director Henry Guajardo says around this time their offices are busy.  "A lot of retailers are calling in placi...
  • Cuero wins District championship

    Cuero remains undefeated with a win against the Wharton Tigers. Cuero 34, Wharton 7.

  • Refugio wins championship spot

    The 10th ranked Comanches hosted 3rd ranked Refugio for the 15-2A Division One Championship. Refugio 35, Shiner 0.
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  • Pay It Forward 5-11-17

    Pay It Forward 5-11-17

    It’s none other than Pay it Forward, where we give our weekly 300 dollar grant to a worthy individual or organization here in the crossroads.  Today, our street crew was visited by someone who wanted to aid domestic violence victims…

    It’s none other than Pay it Forward, where we give our weekly 300 dollar grant to a worthy individual or organization here in the crossroads.  Today, our street crew was visited by someone who wanted to aid domestic violence victims…

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