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  • Field of Honor Pays Respect to Fallen Heroes

    "Memorial day in general is about sacrifice it's about living for something bigger than you," Schneider said. The sacrifice the men and women in the military make every day is sometimes paid by giving their lives for our country. On Memorial Day 2,800 patriots were honored a the Field of Honor with songs and kind words to remind us how thankful we are for their bravery. Boy Scout Troop 364 retired 30 flags to honor the symbolism of the stars and the stripes. If you sponsore...

  • Boating Safety Tips for Memorial Weekend

    Coleto Creek Park will be busy this weekend with people from all around the Crossroads taking in the good weather and getting out on the water. Watch this story to hear some tips from one boater who has been fishing for 47 years on how to stay safe.

  • Victoria's hazmat route was never enforced now it may be repealed

    The City of Victoria has a hazmat route ordinance but it hasn't been enforced since it was adopted in 1982. The route was originally on Highway 77 and Business 59 through Victoria, but since the day the ordinance was put into law the City of Victoria has grown. 

  • Card Skimmer Found in El Campo ATM

    An employee at First Convenience Bank inside the El Campo Wal Mart spotted a card skimmer attached to their ATM recently. 

  • How Victoria Regional Handles Flight Delays

    Victoria Regional Airport works with Texas Sky Airline and Clear Direct Baggage Claim to make sure their flights from Victoria to Dallas and back run smoothly every day. 

  • Flights from Dallas to Victoria run into Turbulence with Flyers

    "People had jobs and things they had to come home to kids and things of that nature," Trevino said.  Melanie Trevino almost didn't make it from Dallas to Victoria as she had planned. Melanie was stuck on a Tarmac at DFW International Airport as her flight was delayed. She says her flight was supposed to take off at 4:30pm but an airplane radio problem changed that.  "We stopped and the plane was turned off and we were told that there was a radio problem on t...

  • Warriors Weekend 2017

    Warriors Weekend 2017 Salutes Our Troops

  • Fears of Water Stoppage in Bloomington Loom

    "I don't feel like it's right because we do have to take a shower every day and drink water and we do pay rent," occupant said.  The people I spoke with who live in the housing provided by ALMS in Bloomington cannot imagine a day without water and Noemi Troncoso, President of the Water Board, says the board's decision to shut off water Tuesday morning pains her.    "I feel sorry for these people that it is going to effect the tenants of ALMS they have p...

  • Crossroads Man Once Part of Top Secret Special Forces Unit

    crossroads man was part of secret one of a kind special forces unit

    It was the first counter terrorist organization authorized by congress. The Special Forces Berlin unit was created in 1956. The secrets of the men stationed in Berlin to sabotage the Soviet Union from within have been recently been revealed.

  • Some ALMS Residents in Bloomington Could Have Water Turned Off

    An error made by the Victoria County Water Control Improvement District #1 now has ALMS housing in hot water. The water district says the low income housing owes them around $40,000 in back billed payments. Attorney for VCWCID #1 Mike Gershon says this is how the problem started: "People were being charged at rates that applied prior to the rate increase, most customers in the district have been paying on the proper rate since they were increased in March 2015 and effective Apri...

  • Some Edna Streets to be Repaired 2017-2018

    The City of Edna is planning their 2017-2018 fiscal year budget. The city is estimating the budget to be between $7-8 Million dollars. The street program will take $100,000 of the funding. The streets that will be repaired are still to be determined, but the city will decide based on worse condition, most traffic and most houses on the street. The beginning of the new fiscal year will be October 1, 2017.

  • City Waiting on FEMA for New Flood Plain Map

    The City of Victoria has adopted a replacement of Chapter 9.5 of the city code to be in compliance with FEMA regulations. Anybody that is going to build a house or make improvements within a flood plain has to get a flood plain permit through the city," John Kaminski said. The City says they've been waiting for the past decade for FEMA to update flood plain maps, but with no idea of when that might actually be done the federal government wants the city to move forward. "T...

  • Christmas day shooter sentenced to 60 years in prison

    Quentin Levander Darks has been sentenced to 60 years in prison according to DeWitt County Sheriff Carl Bowen. Darks was indicted on a charge of murder after the Christmas Day killing of 26 year old D'Metra Strait. Strait was fatally shot outside her home in the 200 block of East Cleveland Street, according to Cuero police. Strait shared two children with Darks. 

  • Bus Drivers Keep an Eye out for Bad Drivers in Goliad

    The Goliad County Sheriff's Office says they have been stopping drivers that aren't following the rules of the road. Drivers aren't stopping when school buses are loading and unloading children at their bus stop. It is more common to happen on the highways in Goliad. This traffic citation carries a $600 fine. 
  • Downed Power Line Starts Fire in Calhoun County

    A downed power line sparked a blaze Monday night on Highway 35 between Port Lavaca and Green Lake. Firefighters from various Calhoun County fire departments were dispatched around 9:30. Fire officials say a power line powered by the Victoria Electrical Co-op had fallen down, but remained charged and started the fire. Firefighters couldn't begin to put out the fire until the electricity from the power line was shut off. After the power was shut off by VEC it took firefighters abou...
  • Abigail Is Ready for State Competition

    Abigail Brozozowske has been doing rodeo events for the past six years. In those six years she has brought home many trophies, medals and buckles. Her horse Blue has been by her side the entire time and they've created a bond that has helped Abby qualify for the state competition in College Station. 

  • Sewer Problems For One Wharton Neighborhood

    One Wharton neighborhood is in need of a new sewer line. The city of Wharton will be putting a new trunk line down Alabama Street to Center Street. The aging sewer system has caused many calls for service due to sewer stoppages for residents. Construction is estimated to start within the next 60 days and will last for an estimated 90-120 days. The construction will be taking place in the alley ways between Texas, Koehl and Speed streets. 

  • Community Prayer

    The group organizing the community prayer on the plaza hopes to have their first meeting for all Christians in Victoria the first Wednesday in June from 11:30-12:30 at DeLeon Plaza. You can call Carmia Green at 361-582-6074 for more information on how to be involved. 
  • Vietnam Memorial Replica Comes to Cuero

    The Wall that Heals will be in Cuero from Thursday to Sunday and will be open 24 hours a day. 
  • Cancer Prevention with a Healthy Lifestyle

    first monday for life

    Obesity is a leading cause of some cancers and can be easily prevented. Find out how Citizens Medical Center can help you lead a healthier lifestyle to prevent cancer and other diseases. 

  • Dr. McDaniel

    Meet the Doctor: Dr. B. Dean McDaniel, DO

    first monday for life

    Every day Dr. McDaniel helps patients achieve healthier life styles to prevent many types of diseases. Learn more about Dr. McDaniel and his experience at Citizens Medical Center. 

  • Preventing Cancer by Quitting Smoking

    first monday for life

    Smoking cessation can lead to a reduced risk of cancer for yourself and loved ones.

  • Dr. Gilner

    Smoking Cessation and Cancer Prevention

    first monday for life

    Dr. Leon I. Gilner, M.D., explains how smoking cessation helps individuals prevent cancer in themselves and loved ones. 

  • Dr. Verma

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    first monday for life

    October is breast cancer awareness month, learn how Citizens Medical Center is here for the crossroads when it comes to cancer detection and treatment. 

  • Governor Abbott appoints new Jackson County District Attorney

    AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott has appointed Pam Guenther of Edna as the Jackson County Criminal District Attorney for a term set to expire at the next general election in November 2016. 

  • Man identified after fatal car accident killing 5 people

    We now know the name of one of the Victims in an accident Saturday that left 5 people dead in Victoria County. 

  • Do Bullying Laws Protect Students?

    "He does good in school but the bullies pick on him and call him all kind of names." Said Elizabeth Schoen  ...

  • Linda Crisp, RD, CSO, LD

    Meet the Dietitian: Linda Crisp, RD, CSO, LD

    first monday for life

    Learn more about Registered Dietitian Linda Crisp and her experience at Citizens Medical Center. 

  • VPD Makes Arrest in Prosperity Bank Robbery

    Victoria Police say they executed a search warrant this morning in the 1800 block of East Crestwood.

  • Dr. Yahagi

    Meet the Doctor: Dr. Ysuke Yahagi, M.D.

    first monday for life

    Learn more about Dr. Yahagi and his experience helping patients at the Kathryn O'Connor Regional Cancer Center at Citizens Medical Center.

  • Gonzales Police Say Stolen Items May Have Been Sold on Social Media

    On Monday July 4th, the Gonzales TX Police Department took a Burglary of a Building Police report where a Blue Golf Cart (E.Z.GO), Golf Clubs, and other items were stolen sometime between Saturday July 2nd, 2016 around 10:30 am and Monday July 4th, 2016 at about 10:00 am.  The Investigation found that the possible time frame of the theft was on Sunday July 3rd, 2016 around the early afternoon hours.  According to witnesses the possible suspects will be a Male subject either...

  • Family Fun 9 Event Will Begin Sunday July 10th

    THE CITY OF VICTORIA NEWS RELEASE: July 5, 2016                                                                          ...

  • Flesh Eating Bacteria In the Crossroads

    It's a bacteria found in coastal waters, and sometimes people are exposed to it during the summer months. While many aren't affected by Vibrio, those with open cuts and wounds who wade in these waters should take caution. "I don't worry about it but it happens, all the time." Port Lavaca resident Casey Jackson says she's planning on hitting the beach this summer, but will take extra precaution after reading about cases of a flesh eating bacteria in nearby waters. &q...
  • Victoria Crime Prevention Unit Hosts Active Shooter Classes

    "The more people that are trained the less devastating the results would be from a shooter." "Active shooter training is really important. Especially with all of the activity that we've seen in the united states now a days." For residents in Victoria, being prepared for an active shooter situation is important. Residents say you never know when training and knowledge will come in handy.   "I think it's important for me and my wife, to know what to...
  • Community Crossroads

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